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Sunday Funday!

I put together this fun little shot this afternoon after finding a couple props, obviously the spoons while tweaking the window tratments in the studio today. I hope it spices up your Sunday.

Also, A new app was released for photo editing this week on your iphone which i am considering bucking up the $3.99 for called Enlight. Photo editors for your mobile phone are everywhere and I have been known to have a mashup of about 6 different apps on my phone that each have different features i may use to get a final image depending on the situation so i may give it a shot. If anyone hase tried it yet i would love your take. Snapseed ends up being a favorite as well as VSCO and the like. Here's a link to some of the more noteworthy if you wanna see if theres anything worth having that you may be missing out on. Last thing, I thought this was really cool but it may lump into the "great idea but how practical and realisitic is this right now" category, Meet the Astropad developed by two ex-Apple engineers Matt Ronge and Giovanni Donelli that might be the reason you put your Wacom to the closet of death. Happy Sunday Everyone!

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