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I read somewhere when asked that the best advice a photographer could give when asked how he became a photographer was that he started early.  That reminded me of many of the great photographers of this generation i respect.  We all literally started with an SLR in our hand before we could ride a bike. 


Growing up in a creative family, the desire to capture my vision of the world was engrained at an early age. My grandmother, Yvonne put an old Olympus 

OM1 single lense reflex camera in my hands when I was a ripe 4 or 5 years old, explained the basics of exposure, "Get the line in the middle of the plus and minus. Don't go below 1/30th of a second." then she turned me loose. That was 34 years ago.


I have been lucky in my life in that my family pushed me both creatively as well as commercially from a young age and, I began to get involved in commercial photography in my early teens.


My mother's career path allowed me access to the studios of the early 90's while my grandfather, Jack Schlichenmaier gave me insight to the world of the agencies from his time as a partner in Glenn Advertising a major advertising agency of the era in the Southwest before his retirement. Incidentally, Glenn Advertising has since evolved into Temerlin McClain and then shortened to TM and is still alive and a player in the market.  


Pushing myself creatively, the path was natural. I attended ETSU, today renamed Texas A&M-Commerce before later transferring to the University of Texas in Austin.


I have been in business as an independent freelance photographer for the better part of the last 15 years after getting my feet wet assisting and learning from some of the best as a bright eyed 17 year old in the Dallas market.  

I hope you enjoy my work.

Studio Address:

1416 Juanita Dr.
Arlington TX 76013



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