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More Fun and Another Page

Jason Schlichenmaier 3.2.15


I just added another page to my portfolio for the on the go fun images that i had caught in my daily travels.  Hop over to the new page Fun Stuff, and check it out.  I hope you enjoy it.


Happy Tuesday!




Adding to the Book

Jason Schlichenmaier 9.16.14

So, today I added a few images to the portfolio page after meeting with a couple clients and colleagues this last few days.  I got to hang with Manny Rodriguez last friday, who gave me some good insight into my book.  Go and check out his website,, if you want to see some truly inspiring photography specializing in the field of food.  He works mainly in natural light and it is great imagery and he does what he loves.


I didn't have any portrait work or imagery of people within The Book so i added a little life to it.  As well as a couple Images from a CPMOne Source Architectural Job recently finished. Just diversifying and expanding the book.  




Cheeses and Grapes
Green Hatch Chile Spread and Cheese
Clean Slate
Grape Shears
Prosciotto and Chile Spread
Blogging on My Recent Test

Jason Schlichenmaier 9.9.14

Last week, KODesign and I did a great test with a multitude of cheeses and some really great props from B Gover  for a compilation of images that was just great fun.  I figured I'd throw them up here just so everyone could see the fun and the art we created and to say thank you so much for the great props that both Katheen Schlichenmaier, aka, KODesign at The Clutts Agency and B Gover.  Great stuff, guys! 




Image of the Day

Jason Schlichenmaier 12.18.12

The thing i love the most about the modern era of photography is how easy it is to capture a moment and really do something cool with it.   Smartphones have made it so easy and, i know it drives some of my friends who are the technicians of the sport nuts but, it also allows for some real creative fun for some pretty creative people. This was shot just in the kitchen sink on a pretty day and tweaked on my phone on the fly.  





The First Entry

Jason Schlichenmaier 12.15.12



So, this is my first update as i get the basics going on jslickphoto.  This area will be more for images i shoot mobile, or links that I feel are newsworthy or i feel may be worth discussing.  I hope you get a chance to explore the site as it continues to develop.    

The Image posted today is from our summer journeys to Chicago and the Midwest.  Its from the giftshop high above the 2nd city atop the Willis Tower, aka the old Sears Tower.  It turns out Sears sold the naming rights and nobody has cared enough to actually quit calling it the Sears Tower.   So enjoy the "Tallest Building In America"

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